and I would like to look like a tree with a lot of words instead of leaves. I haven't been very sucessful yet but every metamorphosis takes some time.
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It is no secret that words have no objective meaning. Context and our life experience is giving it to them. However, regardless their actual denotation they are all emotionally charged and bring an important subjective message to the irrational part of our self.
For example I can easily name a lot of words that make me feel great: sun, flying, wild horses, flowers, blue, angel, dawn….
Unfortunately an opposite list exists too (a list of words with dark associations) and yesterday I had to add a new word to it:
HINT (both as a verb and noun)
In quite a while this little devil has never failed to irritate me ands give me a rush of unpleasant feelings. Why? Because it means miscommunication. It means never knowing for sure and grasping on permanent evasiveness. It represents inability to be open and genuine. Can communication based on hints lead to heaven of mutual understanding?
Someone could oppose to me by saying that hints have their magic and may help you out of an awkward situation. At certain moments it is impossible to do without them.
Saying things straight would be walking an elephant in crockery.
I am not arguing :)


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